What should you look for when buying a trampoline?

A trampoline is successfully considered as the effective tool for entertainment and fun. With the effective trampoline, all members in your family could share the same preference in common. There are numerous trampolines available on the market. They vary greatly into different aspects, including shapes, sizes, functions, colors, and more. These factors require you to be a smart purchaser in deciding the best product which matches your requirements and budget the most. If you are on the market and looking for a perfect trampoline, this article is for you. It honestly shows different factors to look for when purchasing a trampoline.

trampoline accessories

Trampoline Springs

The equipment of springs contributes a lot in deciding whether your bounces are good or not. Based on your specific requirements, you could easily decide the suitable length of springs for the best efficiency. Ensure that the size of springs should match the trampoline dimensions.

Trampoline springs

Safety Enclosure

When it comes to buying a trampoline, safety should be put into one of the first considerations. That is the reason why many manufactures attempt to equip the safety enclosure in their package. Main function of the enclosure is limiting injuries from falling out of the pad. This becomes extremely important if your children play on the trampoline. A good safety enclosure must be suitable with the trampoline size. It is advisable for you to select a model which equips high-quality materials for long-lasting usability. Ensure that your enclosure is waterproof for effective use under all weather conditions.



Trampoline pad is responsible for covering the springs. Therefore, it boosts the trampoline safety in an effective way. Most of trampolines nowadays feature thick foam and high quality materials for enhancing both comfort and safety of jumping on the pad. It also plays an important role in avoiding the stuck fingers in the springs. You should pay attention to the suitable thickness of the pad for supporting users in case of falling out of the trampoline.

Trampoline pads


Frame is an essential part in deciding the stability of a trampoline. The quality of frame trampoline is decided by many elements. You had better look for materials and welding quality of the frame to ensure that it is in good condition. Several requirements for good frame include smooth welding, stainless steel materials, and the frame thickness. Australian General Engineering provide the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Trampoline frame


For the easy climbing on the trampoline, ladder is an out-standing option. There are some necessary points you had better bear into your mind before seeking for the effective ladders. Remember to choose stable ladder with non-slipping feature and high-quality materials for usability under bad weather.

Trampoline ladders

Trampoline Legs

There are many options of trampoline legs available on the market. Normally, people often choose 6 legs for better stability and solid construction. 4 legs are more affordable, but less sturdy than the trampoline with 6 legs.

Trampoline leg

User Weight

The weight of users will decide the weight capacity of the trampoline. For example, each type of trampoline is suitable for different customer groups. A small size of trampoline will be the great option for children. However, they don’t satisfy adults and are unsuitable when children grow.

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