Trampoline Tent & Trampoline Bed – Some things you need to know

trampoline tent and bedRegularly doing exercises on the trampoline brings the plenty of health benefits to users. However, it requires you to spend much effort and energy making bounces on the mat. If you get tired of jumping on the trampoline for long time, relaxing on a tent or bed is an ideal option. A trampoline tent or bed offers the great place for different members to sit together. Simply, sitting on the tent helps you watch your friends or supervise your children in an effective way. Trampoline tents and beds are popularly used in both outside or inside your house.

How to Make a Trampoline Bed?

There is no difficulty in creating a trampoline bed. The basic requirement for building up an eye-catching bed is taking advantage of old trampolines. This saves you money in creating new products from the older things.

The first important step is measuring your house size. It is important to match the trampoline size with your house size. If your house is large, you should choose big trampoline and vice versa. Besides, a trampoline often equips 4 to 6 legs. Your responsibility is removing some legs to make the trampoline look like a bed. After that, let’s hang the trampoline on your ceiling. To ensure the safety of your trampoline, you actually need the support from additional tool such as ropes. Remember to select suitable length of ropes and securely hook them to the metal rings. The quantity of ropes depends on your preference.

After these steps are completed, it is time for you to decorate the trampoline in the way you like. As you know, the trampoline bed is an ideal place to make you feel relax. Then, try to make it fantastic as much as possible. It is advisable to add padded mat or cloth on the trampoline surface. An attractive trampoline bed often comes with pretty items such as toys or pillows. The sheer fabric is a good recommendation to bring romance to your bed.

In case you don’t have space for placing the trampoline bed, a tree or outdoor area is great to hang this tool. This is an ideal option to enjoy the fresh air and natural beauty.

Popular Trampoline Tent Options

The trampoline tents could be found in different shapes, sizes, colors, features, brands, etc…It may be challengeable for people at the first time purchasing a trampoline tent. Following are 2 best trampoline tent options that you had better put into your considerations.

Bazoongi Jump Pod Trampoline & Tent

Bazoongi Jump Pod Trampoline with Enclosure, 7.5-Feet
Our Rating: 3.6 / 5

This tent is highly rated by convenience, durability and safety. Its sturdy frame comes from galvanized steel frame for enhancing the remarkable stability. Coming with U legs, it comprehensively boosts the trampoline strength. The hidden springs are positive features of this tool. Its helps limit the corrosions of children with dangerous edges. You could be rest assured to allow your children to play on the trampoline with high security from safety enclosure. Making high bounces becomes so simple with the equipment of an open top.

Bazoongi Tree House Trampoline Tent for 7.5-Feet Jump Pod
Our Rating: 3.6 / 5


If you are looking for fantastic trampoline tents for your kids, Circus Tent and Treehouse Tent are 2 most out-standing concerns. While Circus Tent offers unique color and design, Treehouse comes with the friendly appearance of brown and green. These models make impressive by remarkable durability from polyester material meeting CPAI standards. To set up the top up shape of the trampoline, you could take advantage of G3 patent fiberglass pole. It also equips windows to follow air flow inside of the trampoline tent.

JumpSport BigTop Trampoline Tent

JumpSport BigTop Trampoline Tent
Our Rating: 5.0 / 5

Move on another option of trampoline tent. This is JumpSport BigTop. This tent is suitable for more than one kid jumping at one time. Your children could do many cool tricks thanks to large surface of 12 to 14 feet in diameter, 5 1/2 feet high and 11 feet across. There are 3 windows to allow air inside of the tent and a door for easy coming in and out. To create this tent, you will need the round trampoline. A great benefit of using the tool is that it offers the great ease of assembling different parts. This eye-catching tent promises to bring memorable moments for your kids, especially camping.

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