Should You Play Trampoline in a Park or at Home?

Using a trampoline is one of the best ways to keep up with a healthy and active lifestyle. Although many use it for exercising and training, a lot of people enjoy playing on a trampoline as a part of their recreational outdoor activity.

Everyone in the family and your friends can truly enjoy it! While the best trampolines you see on the market come in different sizes and shapes, trampolines for kids are also available that are usually designed with enclosure for added safety. This innovative outdoor equipment definitely provides superb fun for people of all ages!

If you haven’t tried trampolining yet, there are two places where you can enjoy it: at home or in a park. But which is better? Should you head out to the park and play trampoline or just play it on your own at home?

Playing Trampoline at Home

Should you play trampoline in a park or at home

Like what they say, “There’s no place like home”. Well, it can also be true when you’re looking for a place where you can best enjoy playing trampoline. Most families do prefer using their trampolines at home in their backyard or somewhere in their garden.

You probably have bought your own trampoline and thinking of using it at home. But are there any advantages and disadvantages? How does playing trampoline at home differ from playing it somewhere else?


1. You have more privacy.

Privacy is one of the major advantages of playing trampoline at home. Not everyone wants to socialize with other people or kids in their neighborhood or anyone in a park. Furthermore, you can also play only in a circle of people of friends you want to play with. You can jump, bounce, shout, and have fun as much as you want without worrying about other people!

You can do a lot more things when you are playing at home. You can have a lovely barbecue out on a sunny day while your family is playing trampoline. It can also be a part of your daily exercise, recreational outdoor activity, or training for a healthier and more active lifestyle.

And since it will only be limited for you and your family or friends, you don’t have to worry about bacteria, germs, or viruses that can possibly be passed on to you from the people you don’t know.

2. You can play trampoline anytime.

Time’s not a problem. There is definitely no limit of fun! You can play anytime you want once you set up the trampoline at home. You don’t have to worry about the fees. You don’t need to wait for the seasonal promos so you can play trampoline at a cheaper or more affordable price.

You can play for as long as you like unless you’re a kid and your mom tells you to stop. Well, that’s probably the only thing you’ll worry about! Besides that, having your own trampoline at home will give you an unlimited awesome fun!

3. You can pick your own type of trampoline.

You will have your own choice when it comes to picking a trampoline. Besides, it’s your house! So, you can do pretty much anything you want with it or add anything to it. Whether it is a mini trampoline, a round or rectangular trampoline, with an enclosure or without, it’s all up to you what type, size, or shape you want.

You can choose the size that is suitable for your yard and the number of people who will use it and the type of trampoline that suits your preference, durability, and style.

4. You can attend to emergencies or injuries immediately.

Although we don’t wish for accidents and injuries to happen, unfortunate incidents can still happen. But when it does while you’re playing trampoline at home, it would be easier to attend to such emergencies. Your mom, dad, or anyone at home can take you right away to the nearest hospital.

If ever you acquired injuries that are just slight bruises or scratches and not that really fatal or serious, your parents or guardian can help you out immediately. They can apply first-aid or whatever remedy is necessary.


1. Your area might be smaller.

Playing on a trampoline at home might not always be in its best terms. Like if you wish to buy a larger trampoline, you have to consider first the size of area or space in your yard. If it is smaller, you might only have limited options in choosing a trampoline and end up with a smaller size.

2. You need to set it up on your own.

The assembly can also be a struggle. Since you’ve bought on your own, you definitely have to set it up on your own as well. Although you can always ask for assistance, your supervision might still be necessary, particularly when you’re picking out a place or area where you want to set the trampoline up.

It is also important to know how the setup goes, so you’ll know how to assemble or disassemble it whenever you need to. It will also be a great basis for repairs in the long run.

3.  You have to clean and maintain it every now and then.

You don’t want the rust and dirt to build up on your trampoline. Since you are the one using it, you are also responsible for the cleaning and maintenance. You should check the parts every now and then and clean them thoroughly to prevent any dirt and rust that can affect its quality.

It is vital to provide proper maintenance to avoid further injuries and accidents in the future.

4. There are a limited weight and number of people who can use it.

You and your family can definitely use it anytime. But it might not be suitable for everyone to use it all at once. Manufacturers always provide a weight limit in their trampolines to prevent injuries and damages. Hence, a number of people who are within the weight capacity are suggested to use it.

Playing Trampoline in a Park

Should you play trampoline in a park or at home

Trampoline parks have been widely available for everyone in many different cities. They offer more than just trampolines, but also fun games that kids and family will surely enjoy. No doubt many opt for trampoline parks instead of having their own at home. If you also agree on this, what are the advantages and disadvantages of playing trampoline in a park? Here’s what you should know.


1. The area is larger.

Most trampoline parks are incredibly large and far bigger than an ordinary trampoline at home can offer. You’ll have more space to play, bounce, and jump! And because all the areas are most likely structured with trampolines, you won’t have to worry about falling off and get your head hurt to a ground.

2. You can have new friends.

Trampoline parks are available for everyone. So, if you’re outgoing and like socializing with other people, a trampoline park gives you a great opportunity to make new friends and playmates!

3. There is a variety of trampolines and games.

There is a lot of games and activities you can enjoy in a trampoline park. They are not limited only to trampolines, but also to a variety of games and activities that everyone can definitely enjoy. Some trampoline parks have slides, a pool of balls and foams, a basketball court, and other fun activities. Trampoline parks are typically like a huge playground but a little spiced up!

4. Maintenance is not your responsibility.

That’s right. You don’t have to worry about the maintenance. You don’t need to clean it up after you use it. These parks have their own maintenance staff that takes good care of the establishment and keeps the area clean and safe.


1. There is an entrance fee.

Unlike playing trampolines at home, these parks are not free. There are fees you have to pay for before they allow you to play inside. Too bad!

2. Time is limited.

You can’t play trampolines anytime and for as long as you want unless you pay for the extended hours. That’s actually a major downside. You can play only for a limited time to give way to the others who also want to use the area. And of course, these parks are not always open.

3. You have no privacy.

This place is open to public. You can’t always do whatever you want in front of others. Like when you want to jump or shout or use the other facilities in the park, you always have to be considerate of others.

4. A lot of people use it.

These parks are for everyone. Like EVERYONE. So, expect that there might be an overwhelming number of people that you can’t just shoo away, especially when there are seasonal promos where the entrance fees become cheaper! And because a lot of people use it and most of them are people you don’t even know, you might be more prone to bacteria, germs, and viruses. Although it isn’t always the case, it is possible because you share the same facilities.

Where Should You Play a Trampoline?

The decision where you should play trampoline is all up to you. But you may consider all the information we’ve mentioned above. Whether you choose to play at home or in a park, there are advantages and disadvantages that you have to deal with.

Playing trampolines at home offer free admission and unlimited fun! But you’ll be responsible for the maintenance and the assembly. You also have to consider your space and the number of people who will be using it. On the other hand, playing trampolines in a park gives you the opportunity to make new friends and provide you a larger area to play! But this one comes with a fee you have to pay, time is limited, and you’ll have no privacy.

Whatever decision you make regarding this, here’s a sure thing: playing trampolines is a great way to have fun and maintain a healthy lifestyle!

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