Revamping an Old Trampoline Into a Swing Bed

Revamping an Old Trampoline Into a Swing Bed

During some time in the years of the early parenthood stage, the children would want a tree house, sandbox, or a trampoline. Some of these things would wear out in time and it is such a waste to see all those memories of the children thrown out because of it uselessness.

The good thing though is that you can recycle those things and make new memories. Swing beds are becoming a trend when it comes to being an add-on to the yard. Not only that it has a unique look to it, it also brings so much class and beauty in an area or you can always turn it into the best baby swing ever.

There are numerous ways in re purposing an old trampoline and one of the most popular outdoor add-ons is the swing bed, they make a really good loft bed too. Too bad that these swings costs so much in local stores, but fear not with a little tweaking from an old trampoline, one can make his own swing bed in no time that can almost match up with those designer lounges.

These swings are for all ages and it comes with a cheap cost. All you need is a trampoline and a vast imagination in designing the swing bed.

Swing Bed

Here are some important materials before building one:

  • Trampoline frame with mat and springs.
  • Wrench and screwdriver
  • Sheet
  • Soft padding foams or mattress
  • Sturdy chains
  • Braided ropes for high tension requirements
  • Cushions and blankets

Step 1: Disassembling

Visualize what type of swing bed best suits the area. Find a standard size trampoline or any kind of size that can freely swing on the premises. There are two ways of setting it up (1) if using an old trampoline, just remove the legs. (2) If it’s brand new, just assemble the trampoline without the legs. The important parts to recover from an old trampoline are its frame, mat, and springs.

Just unscrew each leg using a wrench or a screwdriver. Make sure scrub off the rust or oil it first before unscrewing. It is also an option to reinforce the frame of an old trampoline with padding. This can help keeping the frame flat and extra sturdy.

Step 2: Proofing

Flip the trampoline upside down as if the legs were in the air. This is the final position of the base of the swing bed. Cover each spring with the strips of cloths or the rope to avoid unnecessary injuries. Trampolines tend to sag in the middle so make sure when adding the suspension ropes on the side, run the ropes underneath a couple of times and bring the ropes together to sag-proof the swing.

Step 3: Setting it up

Find an area that has enough space to cater the swing bed. Use the sturdy chain as the connector to each beam. Make sure that each beam is also sturdy. One can either hang it from the veranda or from a tree. Creating steel beams is also an option, but make sure that the materials used for it are capable of carrying heavy loads. Make sure to measure the desired suspension height of the swing. Most owners tend to have a chair height suspension. Suspend the base with braided ropes and reinforce it with the chains.

Step 4: Express

Decorate! This is the part imagination takes place. Lace up each beam with sheets and place in any cheap memory foam topper to cover up the mat. One can sew in different patches or different padding for the sides to reinforce the cushion. Adding mosquito nets can also ease up the experience especially when the swing is placed outside. Check out Maid Easy for more information about cleaning such things in a proper way.

Creating a tent for its shed would also be a good idea for outdoor setups such as-Indian tent by forming a tripod on the sides. There are many unique designs you can use as a guide in decorating. Design the swing into something that can match up the existing getup of the yard.

Lastly, the most important factor when building a swing bed is the vastness of one’s imagination. Be creative and enjoy while doing it. The outcome will always be something no matter how it looks. Research more on the latest designer lounges for ideas and start from there.

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