A Parent’s Experience When Buying a Trampoline

A Parent’s Experience When Buying a Trampoline

As the world gets more sophisticated, the playthings and gadgets of children also get sleeker. Convenience and comfort are two words that manufacturers of these products throw around with abandon. They are in fact spot on as far as the choice of words for promotional ads are concerned as children tend to just sit around and watch TV, play games on their laptops, iPads, tablets, and other such devices. Instead of just letting your kids just while their time away with these gadgets, you may be interested in introducing something better and with more health benefits—trampolines.


Before going out to get that checkbook, it is very important for you to determine the needs of your kid or kids. If they are under 8 years old, mini-trampolines or kid’s trampolines are the best options out there. It is quite obvious that kids around 4 to 7 are sometimes a bit wobbly or clumsy. In most cases they still do not have maximum control of their movements so a full-sized trampoline may do them more harm than good. Thus, a trampoline that is specifically designed for their size and needs beats every other competition.

Mini-trampolines usually come in two categories, they are for kids ranging from 2 to 4 and from 5 to 7. The differences lie mainly in how soft and how low the bounces are in these trampolines. Clearly, the one built for the younger age group does not have the same kind of bounce designed for slightly older kids. As the height and intensity of the bounce makes the jumping more fun, it can also pose danger to kids who are still prone to brushes of awkward movements.

Trampolines for children between ages 5 to 7 have slightly more bounce, but are still a way off from standard trampolines. You can use nets to make sure the kids do not fall off and land outside after jumping. The frames must also be covered with padding as these kids have the tendency to hit the posts accidentally. Mind you, they sometimes hit the frame on purpose, so bouncy a bouncy foam will go a long way in keeping them safe.


The trampoline that you have been eyeing should also meet the advised space requirements. Whether you want to set it up indoor or outdoor, the trampoline must have enough vertical and horizontal room. The area where you are planning to install the trampoline must be wide enough that the jumpers are not in danger of hitting objects such as poles, trees, fences, and other objects. Additionally, the vertical clearance should be enough that they will not hit anything hanging overhead.

If you plan on buying an indoor trampoline, just make sure that the space requirements can still be met.


Trampolines of high quality are not only excellent as they let you get the most out of your investment, but they will also allow your kids to feel more comfortable. They will also be better options regarding safety. The quality of the trampoline will ensure that they can stand the abuse of lively kids taking their turns jumping on the mat. And, they normally last for a long time, despite repeated use. An outdoor trampoline has to be ideally made of aluminum as this can stand the wear caused by the changing weather.


If you were contented to just do your thing while your kid spends his time sitting and playing with his or her gadgets, you will have to throw that out the window, at least when your kid is jumping on the trampoline. A trampoline also offers the perfect time for you and your little one to bond. While it is so tempting to do something and leave your child in his own ways, never fail to resist that urge.

Most of the accidents pertaining to kids on the trampoline happened due to lack of supervision. The injuries range from simple bruises to horrible neck and shoulder injuries. All parents know the knack kids have for finding trouble in a snap. A bouncy environment is just the right temptation for them to try some acrobatic stuff they see on the internet all the time. To prevent something horrible from happening, you would have to spend time with your kids.


There are so many trampolines to choose from on the market. Simply make sure to know the purpose for buying one and never fail to follow the safety checklist found in most products. By simply spending more time with your kid, you make him or her safe while the little one gets to exercise a bit and have fun on the trampoline.

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