Old and Worn Out Mattresses Make Better Trampolines

Old and Worn Out Mattresses Make Better Trampolines

Jumping up and down from the mattress brings in so many memories. Can you still remember the time when you were still a kid and one of the many things your mother would scold you because you used to jump up and around on your bed? Well, your mother was not only concerned about your safety, she was also concerned about the condition of the mattress.

Things wore out in time and one of the best solutions than just throwing out old and scruffy mattresses is to repurpose them or better yet, in most cases there will be a time when there will be mattresses that one can mistakenly buy.

What’s it made for?

A mattress or a bed is made for sleeping and jumping nonstop on it would damage the inner threading of the mattress. Growing up into adulthood, you will experience the freedom in shopping for your own household necessities. Personally, I find it recreational to read things like the Leesa mattress review, it keeps my knowledge of the market current and lets me know that I made the right purchases for myself. One will experience the never-ending responsibility and soon, you will experience it with the love of your life.

Fast forward, the decision of expanding the household will come into mind because of the kids. One of the best ways to make out most of your money is to find things in them that can be suited for future use and just like in the mattresses; the old and worn out bed makes a good cushion or a trampoline for the active children inside the house. Finding an alternative use for these mattresses would be the best option.

Planning Ahead

Probe on the things you’d like your future trampoline would be. A trampoline should be well cushioned and bouncy. Getting at least 4 inches of thickness in the mattresses would solve this dilemma. Usually, a good taken cared off mattress would last for about 8 years. Using one of those memory foam mattress toppers that has a thicker diameter in height would solve this problem.

Mattresses come in different sizes and shapes, so it is wise to plan ahead and choose that would best fit your future play room for your kids. Children will always be active and do whatever they want to do as long as it is fun and exciting. Keeping them well cushioned and happy with their environment would surely lessen the load when it comes to keeping the children entertained.

What type of Mattress is best for Jumping?

Choosing what kind of mattress is very important. There are certain types of mattresses to choose from and some of them don’t make good trampolines when it’s already worn out. All of them are very comfortable when it comes lying down and sleeping because obviously that is what they are made of. Keep in mind the type of mattresses: Foam mattresses, Water Mattresses, Air Beds, Japanese Futons and Spring Mattresses. Air beds don’t make good trampolines in the future because the latex will turn brittle and prone to holes. The same goes for water mattresses as it will be also prone to holes and without the water, there will be no cushion. Futons are also a no-no because they are only slightly thicker than the normal comforters. Spring mattresses are not also qualified for repurposing because worn out springs never tend to pop up again. This can create an uneven surface for the mattress trampoline or even tore through the cover thus leading to injuries. The best type of mattress that can be used for future trampolines or even the brand new ones would be the Foam type mattresses.

Moreover, using a memory foam mattress topper that has the right thickness would determine how well-cushioned the mattress is. These type of mattresses has 3-4 inches in thickness are known to be very supportive even when worn out. One good choice would be getting a latex type mattress as an alternative for the foam types. The latex mattress is sturdy, well-cushioned, and less likely to cause skin allergies for the children.

Lastly, one of the advantages of setting aside old and worn out mattresses would be that not only it can be used as the main trampoline for the children; it can also prevent the kids from damaging their own beds. Repurposing various things one can find in the household can let you save more money when it comes buying what is really needed.

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