How to Choose the Right Sized Trampoline

right sized of trampoline

How To Choose The Right Size of Trampoline for Your Family

There are different sizes of trampoline available in the market and they vary in weight ages and family size. Before you buy a trampoline, it is important to select the right type to make sure you and your family will have great fun and enjoyment when using the trampoline. The question now is, how do you select the right size of trampoline?

How to Choose the Right Sized Trampoline

If you are buying the trampoline for only your use, it may be easier to make the right choice. But if you are buying it for the entire family use, there are certain things to consider. However, whether you are buying for your personal use of for the family, it may not be easy to select the most ideal one if you don’t have an idea of the different sizes of trampolines and which ones are better suited for your needs.

The different sizes of trampoline

trampoline shapes

Trampolines can come in oval, rectangular or round shapes. They are also in large medium and small sizes.

Round Trampolines

Round Trampolines (8 ft and 8ft & 10ft)

Round Trampolines (8 ftThe 10 ft and 8 ft trampolines are specifically for those who want to buy a trampoline for their kids and don’t have very large space to afford a bigger one. This smaller size trampoline is just ideal for small courtyard/backyard or for families with smaller children. But one safety rule to follow with this type of trampoline is to only have a child on it at a time. Since it is small, two or more children can easily bump into each other, causing them to hurt each other.  This size trampoline is equally lower to the floor, which is ideal if you have smaller children. The 10 ft trampolines are also great and can last longer.

12ft Trampolines

These are ideal for families with two children who want to play together on the same trampoline. They are not large enough but can rightly accommodate 2 kids or a young adult without much stress. You can have only one older kid or two small kids at a time on this trampoline.

14 and 15ft Trampolines

These are the largest and are perfect for adults, entertainers and professionals. If you have enough space in your yard and enough money, this is the type of trampoline you should be considering. They are more comfortable and provide bigger and better bounce than their smaller counterparts.  This trampoline can accommodate all your kids (provided they are not more than 10) and still stay strong as they bound on it.  It is also ideal for adults who would love to have fun and practice all types of trampoline tricks.  If you have sociable kids, they can invite their friends also to join them as they have fun together. Interestingly, they are also very durable and are made with high quality springs that can stand the test of time.

Rectangle Trampolines

Rectangle Trampolines

There are different sizes of rectangular trampolines to choose from when considering buying the most ideal one for your family’s needs.

7 x 10ft Trampolines

These are very portable and can be placed at garden shed, or in between the swing and chubby. It is small and does not require much space to place it. This is the type you should consider if you are financially limited or don’t have enough space to keep a bigger trampoline.

8 x 12ft Rectangle Trampolines

These ones have one of the best bounces. They are perfect for kids between 10 and 14 years old. You can buy this model if they are into gymnastics and want to improve their skills. The 12 ft rectangular trampolines provide better bounce than their circular counterpart of the same size because one side of the trampoline is shorter in length. It is ideal for one adult or two kids at a time.

9 x 14ft Rectangle Trampolines

This is the larger version meant for those who are training to be professional gymnasts. They provide better bounce and can help anyone perfect their trampoline skills in little time. They can accommodate two people at a time without creating any laxity on the springs.

10 x 17ft Rectangle Trampolines

This is for professional gymnasts and those who intend to practice trampoline skills for competition. They are made from strong springs. You should consider this type of trampoline if you have older kids or someone practicing trampoline for competition. They are taller and more suitable for single flip and tumble mat routines.

In Conclusion

The above are the different types and sizes of trampolines available in the market today. If you are buying for your kids, you can ask them what shape of trampoline they prefer. But if you want to keep this as a surprise package for them, it can be easy to find out what they want. A general observation in the trampoline industry over the years have shown that boys usually prefer round trampolines while girls are more likely to pick the rectangular shaped ones.  Girls are generally lighter than boys. Also, while girls prefer to stick to normal dance and gymnastic routines when playing on the trampoline, boys have an all round playing style where anything goes for them.  This means that if you are buying the kid trampoline for a girl, you need to consider a rectangular trampoline which is easier for them to generate better and higher bounce. But if you are buying for a boy, a round trampoline will be more ideal.


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