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the history of trampoline

The History of Trampolines: All You Need to Know

Trampolines have been part of recreational activities and various competitions in many countries across the globe. Sports enthusiasts and gymnasts have also been using these trampolines for training, exercising, flexibility enhancement, and physical fitness. Because of its popularity in the field of …
All about trampolines and how they work

All About Trampolines and How They Work

Trampolines were first used for training NASA astronauts.  They were subsequently used for training purposes for sports as well. Two men in 1934 from the University of Iowa came up with the trampoline idea.  They are Larry Griswold and George Nissen and …
Trampoline Coach

Do You Need a Trampoline Coach?

You finally decided to put a trampoline in your backyard for the kids, their friends, your friends and even you. It is secured in the ground with augers, you have all the accessories and net, yet you need to know more about …