Cool trampoline tricks to do at home – Easy to learn for beginner

After a hard-working day, doing exercises on the trampoline brings ultimate benefits to jumpers. The great result of jumping on the trampoline is its pretty bounces. By enjoying fresh atmosphere, it makes jumpers feel relax and get wonderful feelings that they haven’t known before. This is the reason why many people find that doing tricks on the trampoline is a great way to express their creation and impress their friends. Moreover, useful tricks could improve mental and physical health of jumpers in a comprehensive way. It is not simple that you jump and land on the surface. All you have to do is following safety precautions when doing tricks.

Cool tricks to impress your friends

Cool tricks to impress your friends

Cool Trampoline Tricks for Beginners

For beginners or people at the first time playing on the trampoline, it is advisable for them to start simple tricks. This helps them be familiar with the way to safely bounce and land on the trampoline surface. As a result, it also offers the elimination of injuries on joints and muscles.

The most popular trick that many people fall in love is called Double Bounce. This trick is so simple and easy to follow as well. Everyone could create the eye-catching movements by following 2 jumpers at one time. Ensure that the trampoline is safe enough to withstand high user weight capacity. In this case, you and your partner also jump on the trampoline pad. However, each of you will alternatively bounce and land on its surface. It means when your partner jump up, you land down and vice versa. This helps create the great balance when doing Double Bounce.

If you are jumpers who love the simplicity, spinning your body in the air is a wonderful option. To follow this trick, you will have to try to twist as much as possible. Spinning half of the body is for the first beginning level. When you are more confident to do harder tricks, let’s spin completely your body or just only by knees.

In addition, two best ways to challenge you with more difficult tricks include “Backbuster” and “Superman”. Both of 2 methods not only impressive audiences, but also help you decide whether the tricks are difficult or not. Superman trick is a great way to fly in the air. Try to stretch your arms toward the body and slightly land down on the pad. In order to avoid injuries from falling vertically, you should try to fall forward.

Trampoline Tricks for Advanced Jumpers

After you feel familiar with simple tricks and want to challenge yourself by difficult levels, let’s follow efficient suggestions below. These methods are considered as the most adventurous and attractive tricks that require many important skills.  Therefore, safety should be put into your first considerations. You should check carefully that all parts of the trampoline are in good condition. The additional equipment of safety enclosure will be an essential requirement.

One of the best tricks you could do to surprisingly impressive other people is Front Flip. Similarly to Superman, this method requires you to catch your arms when jumping on the air. The minor difference is that you had better flip your body while keeping legs front and head back. Depending on your creations, you could combine different movements to reach the best jumping results. For example, it varies from spinning with your free feet to the spinning on your knees.

All in all, it is not too difficult to do cool tricks with the trampoline. They are exciting, but may be dangerous in some cases. The most important thing to consider is ensuring the safety when jumping on the mat. Before jumping on the trampoline, you should ensure that it is in good condition and durable for long-lasting usability. Moreover, remember to avoid falling into springs to reduce as many damages as possible.

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