Caring For Your Trampoline

Deciding to buy a trampoline for your family is a big decision that will take out some dollars from your pocket. Just like any other thing in life, you get what you pay for when buying trampolines. But buying a trampoline is not really the problem, but maintaining it and making sure the trampoline serves you for a good number of years. How do you care for a trampoline to keep if safe and secure whenever you need its service?  Since this is sports equipment, wear and tear will definitely set in at one point or the other.  So, you shouldn’t expect it to be as new as it was when you initially bought it. But there are certain things to do to preserve it and enjoy its benefits for a very long time. If you are new to the world of trampolines, the advice and tips presented below will definitely come in handy. Below are the best ways to take care of your investment to ensure a long lasting usage.

Caring For Your Trampoline

The first thing to do here is to establish rules to make sure people do not sit, stand, or walk on the trampoline pad. It is a protective cushioning pad that keeps people room hurting themselves in case they accidentally lose control during a jump. It is therefore important to protect it from punctures, holes or tears that can result from standing or walking on it. If the trampoline’s pad is damaged, it will provide less protection because it will allow sunlight or water to get inside and break down the padding.

Another rule to help you preserve the trampoline is to never allow more than one person to jump it at the same time. If you have bought a small or medium sized model, it is important to stick with the weight it can handle. Apart from the fact that multiple bouncing bodies create a safety hazard, it equally takes a toll on the springs of the trampoline.  Remember that the spring is the most vital feature of the whole structure of the trampoline, so if you wouldn’t want to be replacing stretched or broken springs at all times, it is necessary to desist from overloading the trampoline wit more weight it can handle.

How to properly wash the trampoline

Clean a Trampoline Mat Step

In order to properly take care of a trampoline, washing it regularly with few months spacing is advised. This will help keep it in great shape for a long period of time. When washing, make use of a soft scrubbing brush and warm soapy water and gently wash away spider webs, insects, bugs, dust and dirt that have accumulated on the trampoline’s spring, frame and mat. When washing, do not use hard brush as it may have a negative impact on the surface of the material. It is advised to wash your trampoline before storing it or when it is kept outdoors for a long time.

How to properly store a trampoline

how to care for your trampolineA lot of home owners store their trampolines over winter when it will not be put in use. A trampoline can easily be damaged by cold and harsh weather conditions which can lead to the rusting of the springs and causing the net to tear apart from the seams.

No matter the type of trampoline you have (whether rectangular or round), if you want to store it you need to dismantle by loosening the mat and then taking the frame apart. If this is your first time, you can label the frames to make it easier and faster for you to assemble during spring.  You can then wrap the pieces in a tarpaulin or plastic sheeting and keep in a cool dry area.

But if you will still need your trampoline during the winter and don’t want to pack it entirely, there is an option for you. A lot of people make use of a protective wrap to cover their outdoor trampoline for safety until they are needed again. This is an ideal option if you would love to use your trampoline at any period of the year. They are easy to cover around trampolines and can be easily removed whenever the trampoline is needed.  Most covers are designed for round trampolines since they are mostly for household use. But there are some other covers you can get for a rectangular trampoline too.

Finally to keep your trampoline safe, it is important to keep it properly grounded. It should be securely anchored and held to the ground to prevent any damage that may result from a windy situation. A heavy wind can break the poles or frames, making you spend more money from repairs or replacement.  But a proper anchoring of the trampoline can save you a lot of costs in the long run. The trampoline is probably an expensive investment and it will be wise to take the above necessary steps to keep it safe for a long lasting use.

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