Bazoongi 48″ Bouncer Trampoline with Handle Bar Overview

Bazoongi 48
Our Rating: 4.2 / 5

Finding a perfect product for your kids to entertain and do exercises is not too difficult nowadays. However, it is hard to decide which one is your best purchasing solution without any analysis. Therefore, in order to narrow down your decisions, we gladly recommend one of the most out-standing picks – Bazoongi 48″ Bouncer Trampoline with Handle Bar. The tool is perfect indoor equipment for younger children. It offers an effective way for burning calories and getting fun. For its great contribution to human life, it deserves to rank 4 out of 5 stars.


A great benefit of using this tool is the average size which is suitable for different room types. Even your room comes with quite small space; don’t worry because the trampoline can fit it well.  However, it is wrong to make a mistake that this type of machine has limitation in jumping space as well. In fact, the model is very awesome for offering large surface of jumping with 48 inches in diameter.

Moreover, the machine features all you need for a multi-functional trampoline with different supportive accessories. By using this tool, you can get benefit from the equipment of 30 galvanized springs, pad, frame, legs, and handle. Each of them plays specific role in boosting the out-standing effectiveness of whole trampoline.

There is no requirement of extra tools for its establishment. As a result, it offers an extremely quick time for assembling all parts together, just about 30 minutes. However, for some people, it is quite hard to complete all compulsory steps in short time. In this case, following clear instruction from manufacture is a great solution.


Let’s get started checking out a great number of gorgeous characteristics of the trampoline in a comprehensive way.

First off, safety ranks the first important consideration before purchasing a trampoline. It strongly proves that this type of trampoline is recognized by high level of safety. This great feature comes from different effective components inside of the box.  As you know, 3.5 inch of 30 galvanized springs are efficient enough for protecting small fingers and feet. Coming with 6 legs, more than 2 legs in comparison with other models, it improves the sturdy frame and stability of the trampoline to endure up to 80 pounds of weight capacity.

Then, we mention the convenience of using this tool. Thanks to the equipment of padded handle bar, it helps deliver a great grip and hold when necessary. A special thing is that Bazoongi 48″ Bouncer Trampoline tries to bring the adjustable bar for children at all ages. Be assured because the tool comes with long-lasting time even when your kids grow.

Bazoongi 48" Bouncer Trampoline with Handle Bar


  • 30 galvanized springs
  • Easy to assemble and clean
  • Adjustable handle
  • Large frame pad
  • Sturdy frame
  • 6 legs
  • Suitable for different space sizes
  • Great bounces
  • Stability
  • Large jumping space


  • Low weight capacity

Things to consider

Bear in mind that Bazoongi 48″ Bouncer Trampoline with Handle Bar is designed for indoor activities for better stability. You could also use it outdoor. However, it will require much attention for the outdoor usage. One fact is that the trampoline stability may be influenced because of bad weather conditions.

Editor's Rating
  • Safety (4.8/5)
  • Assembly (4.8/5)
  • Bounce (4.8/5)
  • Durability (4.8/5)
  • Value for money (4.9/5)


All in all, there is a variety of remarkable reasons why Bazoongi 48″ Bouncer Trampoline with Handle Bar becomes one of the most favorite items nowadays. The tool meets the needs and demands of both younger children and parents. Therefore, it strongly proves that it’s worth money purchasing an efficient trampoline for fun and entertainment. Quickly order the suitable one which matches your budgets well. Happiness of your kids is on your hands.

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