Trampoline Accessories – All You Need to Know

Accessories for trampolines are usually brand-specific for correct fit to the frame.  Below are some accessories that you can check out to work with your brand of trampoline.  Some items can be used with any trampoline.

  • You, your kids, and guests can have easier and better access getting to the top of your trampoline with a Wide Step Ladder Trampoline Accessory Kit. They are usually made of heavy gauge galvanized steel that are powder coated with curved tubing hooks at the top.  They will fit most rails up to 4-inches in diameter on trampolines.  The two-step ladder design typically uses slip-resistant plastic steps that are extra wide.  There are 4-step models available as well.  Most have door mats to protect the spring pad where it gets the most wear.  Usually 2 shoe bags are included to give you and the kids a handy place to store shoes, jewelry, or other loose items that could cause problems when jumping and bouncing.  The ladders typically have Warranties.


  • Basketball Sets are inexpensive and offer everyone a ton of fun. Playing basketball can jump to the next level when on top a trampoline.  They have heavy-duty installation hardware with a sturdy reinforced backboard.  Some brands include inflatable balls and cushioned hoops.  Again, some of the sets are brand-specific and might not fit your existing trampoline.  They are usually inexpensive, easy to install, and have a Warranty.


  • For even more fun, add a Circus or Tree House Trampoline Tent and other motif covers to your trampoline. The girls will love its prettiness and the boys will like the being-hidden-from-view aspect in their tree house tent.  The tents are recommended for kids over 6-years-old.  It’s a clever way to add spirit to the jumping event going on inside.  The tent covering is easy to install and fits over the trampoline snugly very fast.  These tents usually come with a Warranty.
  • Trampoline Slides might be fun to retrofit to your existing trampoline for the kids to slide down on. They are usually made of plastic and are found online or at trampoline stores.
  • What can be more useful than non-slip Trampoline Toe Socks to keep everyone on their toes when bouncing? All 5 toes have their own separate covering.  The traction and grip they give on trampoline surfaces offers added control for the fun lovers.  Each toe moves independently just like bare toes.  The socks are flexible and strong in many fun colors.  Just toss in the washer and dryer when they get dirty.


  • A Trampoline Shoe Storage Bag will have 2 pockets to hold up to 4 pairs of shoes. They usually install at the frame between the legs and hang down.  Storing shoes prevents tripping and falling when jumping off avoiding ground clutter.


  • With a Trampoline Spring Tool, it will be easy to pull springs preventing damage of overstretching to your springs with the T-hook. It makes assembly and spring replacement an easier chore.



  • The Trampoline Anchor Kit with 4 augers and 4 safety straps offers more stability by anchoring the trampoline to the ground for windy conditions keeping the trampoline from blowing over.  They usually tie down all 8-, 10-, 14-, and 15-foot trampolines.  The augers can be used for oval, round, and square trampolines.  Most augers are made of galvanized steel.  Attach the strap to the legs of the trampoline.  Do not use on sites that are not level.  Straight poles that pound into the ground will not hold your trampoline down.  They will slide up out of the Earth serving no purpose with up and down motion.  The helical auger shaft acts like a drill bit screwing itself in the ground.  After a rain, check them to be sure they are still snuggly stuck into the ground.  Soft soil from rain and sprinkler systems can make them unscrew themselves, so be safe.


  • To feel more secure, add a Trampoline Enclosure Net for safety. They come with 4 or more poles depending on what you select for your needs.  It will give a safe area for beginners and advanced jumpers.  The net stretches around the poles and tightens up.  With the net, you will get tie down ropes, hardware for installing (U-bolts/wedges), foam sleeves, and end caps.


  • A Trampoline Protection Cover for wind and rain gives 100% ultraviolet (UV) protection from the sun. The cover attaches to the trampoline frame with S-hooks to the existing jumping mat V-rings.  They come in assorted colors and sizes, so select what will fit your trampoline regardless of its shape.  A good cover is essential to prolong the life of your trampoline, especially if it stays out and up in the elements.  The covers can be easily attached and removed in a few minutes.



  • For storing your cell phone or other device, play music and more, attach the mesh front holder to a pole that is easy to install and remove. Most of the products will work with iPhones®, Samsung®, and other touch screen items.

Stay safe and enjoy your jumping!

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