Rectangle vs. Round Trampoline: Which one is best for you?

Rectangle vs. Round Trampoline

A trampoline offers a variety of benefits to health and fitness, as well as to the recreation and fun of the family, especially the kids. It may cost a lot of money and can be a big purchase for the family, which is why it is very important to choose the one that the whole family can maximize. When it comes to shape and sizes, choosing a trampoline to spend money for is not an easy task. There are things to consider as well. If you are making a decision of which trampoline to buy, the round one or the rectangle one, and how big, check this simple breakdown to make your decision making a lot easier:


Round trampolines are designed for health fitness, fun, play, and recreational purposes. They can accommodate lesser weight and force than with the rectangle trampolines. The round trampolines are best for home use to have fun and to keep the kids active.

On the other hand, a rectangular trampoline is designed for high-end applications. They are meant for professional trainings and fitness activities. They are suitable to the demands of professional gymnasts, athletes, aerialists, divers, and stuntmen.

If you aim to buy one for the purpose of giving your child a more intense competitive training for professional activities, it is best to invest on a rectangular trampoline that offers higher altitude in jumping.


Round trampolines offer high jumps and fun bouncing, but the rectangular one provides higher jumps and better performance while allowing you to land in a more balanced mode. The round trampoline may direct you to the center mat, which is a very efficient way to keep kids at bay in terms of safety. However, professional jumpers and gymnasts may be able to maximize the rectangular shape for a more controlled takeoffs and landings after higher jumps or bounces. It is the equipment that most gymnasts and athletes use to practice and train their routines for the competition.


For the round trampoline, the springs are equally positioned around the mat or frame to provide equal and sturdy support. This construction offers a consistent bounce while directing each land into the middle part of the mat. With the springs placed equally around, the frame is efficient in absorbing the forces every time the children jump.

The springs of the rectangular trampoline are placed strategically in such a way that they exert tensions at different levels for a stronger, more powerful bounces and landing. Stability, consistency in takeoffs and landings, and controlled bounces are among the advantages that a rectangular offers in its construction.

Aside from the frames and springs and mats used to complete its form and shape, both the rectangular and round trampolines may be installed with accessories like nets, foams, ladder, and other materials for fun and recreational purposes. The round trampoline can be installed with a basketball ring or a tent, while the rectangular one may have the net and tent for safety purposes, especially when used for professional training.


The cost varies in sizes, accessories, and specifications. A round trampoline usually costs around $100 to $1000 depending on size, while a rectangular trampoline may cost more due to its complex design. Since it requires sturdy materials and construction to provide stronger and more stable frame, rectangular ones are more expensive than the round one.


Round trampoline:

  • Ideal for home and backyard use for fun and play.
  • Safe for kids.
  • Naturally redirecting the bounces or landings to the center of the mat.
  • Consistent bounce.
  • Best for recreational activities for the whole family.
  • High jumps.
  • More affordable.

Rectangular trampoline:

  • Ideal for high-end applications, professional sporting trainings, and extreme stunts.
  • Sturdy frame with stronger mats and springs.
  • More consistent takeoffs and landings.
  • Can support more weight.
  • Great for outdoor personal athletic trainings and gymnastic routines.

Round or rectangular trampolines are offering fun and professionalism at the same time. If you have to choose one, consider how you want it to be used at home. If you plan to have one for play and fun for your kids, choose the round trampoline because they are safe for kids and they are more affordable, but if you intend to enhance your child’s skills in gymnastics or professional stunts, the rectangular one is the best to choose.

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