New Level of Youth Outdoor Activities

These days, the technology develops so quickly so that it has a strong attraction with many people, especially kids. I can see my neighbor kids spend their all days just sitting in front of TV or sticking their eyes on the smart phones screen or tablets. Of course, it is not good for their growth at all. I have two kids, too and absolutely, I never want my dears become so lazy children like that. I have learned and looked for many kinds of youth outdoor activities suitable for my kids and finally, I have found some. Gosh, I nearly said Eureka at that time as I knew my children would be very excited with it.

Let your kids play with Youth Bow! Why not?

Who says bow is a sport game just for adults? In reality, kids from 4 to 18 years old also take it as well. When I allow my children try it, as I have predicted, they are very interested in it and absolutely throw those technology devices away. However, to choose a bow suit with each age range, we, parents, need to spend a little time on considering some main elements.

Youth Recurve Bows

The very first thing is age, of course, there is no youth bow can be used for all age ranges and also, this is the key element to make decisions on the size as well as the power of the bow. With little kids from 4 – 7 years old, rig seems to be very suitable with while with some older children, you need to choose the other kinds. Even though, many manufacturers have produced a lot of kinds with the ability of growing with young archers, it is still not applied for a child when he or she was 4 up to he or she is 18, of course. Thus, if you here from the sellers or watch on the manufacturer’s introduction that the bow you are holding can grow with the child, you should know that it is just true for a determined age range.

Beginning with the smallest size for the little kids, sticking with it for a few years and then changing for a new one with bigger size and more powerful but just a youth bow. Only when your child is mature, it is time for them to get an adult bows.

Also, you should consider about the bow weight because with older kids, they can easily hold a bow but with a little child, it is a bit hard for them to hold a heavy bow, even though it is just a youth bow. In fact, for those who are under 15 years old, you should choose a youth bow with the weight no more than three lbs. And I have found that a few manufacturers do not produce lightweight bow for kids so that you should check for this carefully before buying.

Youth Compound Bows

As a heavy youth bow that your child cannot hold conveniently and comfortably will have a bad influence on their interest as well as their bones. On the other hand, do not forget the draw weight deftly lest, too much stress will put a pressure on the muscles of the kid and may interrupt them to develop. Oh, I have almost forgot, you need to understand you kid is left – handed or right – handed to choose the suitable kinds for them as well.

Other Youth Outdoor Activities

Trampoline Basketball hoop

Alongside youth bow, I also let my children enjoy some other activities such as trampolining, swimming or just playing around on our back yard. For more convenience, I have saved to buy a trampoline to place it in the yard for my dears can enjoy anytime. I must say, trampolining and swimming are very useful outdoor activities I have never seen before as it have a very good effect on my kids’ health. It not only effects on their height but also helps them stay healthily. Many parents think that allowing their kids to play with a trampoline is so dangerous but in my opinion, if you follow all rules about safety as well as have considered carefully all features before buying, your kids will enjoy trampolining safely.

There are thousands ways to pull our cuties out of TV, tablets, smart phones’ screen, just understanding what they are interested in and excited about, investing some money and so, you can happily see them enjoying their favorite youth outdoor activities.

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