How to Keep the Trampoline in Excellent Condition

How to Keep the Trampoline in Excellent ConditionThe huge benefits of jumping on trampolines are very well-known. Besides getting a great workout together with bits of fun, especially when done in the company of friends and family, the trampoline can also provide the perfect opportunity for captivating moments that can be immortalized in videos and photos. These are all made possible when the safety requirements are always met before every use. And, maintaining the excellent working condition of the trampoline ranks near the top of safety requirements.

No matter how expensive and how superior the quality is of the equipment, it will slowly deteriorate over time. The repeated use and abuse will normally show after months, if not years, of use. Years of use will definitely result to performance and durability issues when no proper and regular maintenance is done. Thus, it is very important for owners to know how to keep their trampolines in top shape at all times.

Eye the Trampoline Always

One very logical way of keeping good maintenance is keeping a regular eye on the trampoline, particularly every before use. The more familiar one is with the equipment, the more chances of spotting irregularities happen and should allow the owners to address these issues right away.

It is very important to do the following:

  • Look for any bent parts of the frame, particularly the legs. As the legs take the brunt of the impact of a jumping body, this will clearly suffer as time passes. A bent leg can tilt the trampoline to a certain side and can cause harm to the user.
  • Check for any loose or damaged springs. Ensure that all springs are securely attached and they are still in working condition. If there are any defects in the spring, they should be fixed before anyone is allowed to use the trampoline.
  • Bolts have to be tightened all the way through. Although the bolts are extremely tough and can withstand abuse both from man and the elements for a very long time. However, they may be corroded over time, and should be replaced immediately.
  • Monitor the mat. It should not show signs of sagging. A sagging mat is a very good sign of wear. As the mat is primarily the first to take the force of the impact, it is reasonably expected that this will show signs of wear and tear first. Because this is the most abused part of the trampoline, quickly replacing it with a sturdy and high-quality one will allow jumpers to use the trampoline for a long time.
  • The safety of trampolines also has to do with accessories such as the paddings and the net. Although these are unlikely to deteriorate quickly, it should be regularly checked as well.
  • If the trampoline is not used daily, it should be still be checked at least once a week. The principle Safety First can never be overemphasized concerning trampoline maintenance.

Weighty Matters

No matter how big the trampoline is, it will always have a maximum weight capacity. Manufacturers will clearly state in their products the necessity to stay under the advised load limit. A trampoline is expected to last for a reasonably long time if the jumper is within the weight boundary. Owners can keep a sagging mat and broken springs away when the trampoline is carrying the prescribed load.

Besides preventing people from colliding while jumping, one user at a time guarantees that the weight requirement is met every time the trampoline is used.

Clean It

There is always common sense involved when an equipment is cleaned regularly. A clean trampoline is like a well-oiled machine that works as intended. Owners can help keep wear and tear away by regularly cleaning it with soap and water. If left untouched, dirt and debris can ruin a perfectly functional trampoline.

Weather Issues

The weather can cause havoc on the most durable equipment. When the weather ranges from really cold to really hot at times, the trampoline is bound to suffer. There are also times when strong winds have the tendency to blow some parts of the trampoline away. Hence, by being aware of the weather, owners can either bring the trampoline to the shade or store it away in the meantime.


The manufacturer’s manual always includes safety and maintenance tips that can really help. Together with these pointers owners can have a trampoline that will endure and be a safety jumping ground for people to use.

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