Keep your children healthy: The important Tips

To keep children stay and grow healthily, that is all what parents want. Adequate nutrition and reasonable, adequate sleep, good living environment, fully vaccinated, are raised in loving; positive movement is the way to help your children healthy, smart and fast growth. Please following those important tips below if you are looking for some to take care of your cuties:


Improved nutrition contributes physical development and child brain, and helps strengthen the body’s resistance. The feeding properly a lot of parents are concerned with the desire to nurture children so that the scientific and effective.

Nutrition for Kids

Nutrition is also the leading factor determining a child’s development. Your baby will grow healthy and smart when breastfed for at least 6 months of life. Breast milk can help build resistance of the immune system to resist disease. In addition, you also need to give your baby a full diet, balance 4 groups of nutrients, especially vitamins, essential minerals. Not only animal protein supplements, your child should eat a variety of plant protein. The quality of fruits and vegetables helps the body produce antibodies, enhance immunity as a barrier against the entry of virus into the body.


Sleep is extremely important for the development of children physically and mentally. Baby with sleep deprivation is often fussy, uncomfortable, slow and susceptible to big chore. Two main physiological effects of sleep:

Keep your Children Healthy - Sleep

Helps the nervous system to work

Sleep helps protect the cortex, thus, help the body recover health. Sleep-deprived babies are usually catch mind dysfunction, even abnormal behavior. Insomnia lasting, often little tired, listless, sluggish thinking, irritability, smaller children often crying. If insomnia lasts, they can psychosis.

Helps the organs and body works

When sleeping, the majority of the senses are idle or operating at low levels. The authorities have stopped or decreased function, only operate at the physiological basis of: heart still beats, but slow, hypotension, vasodilatation skin, lungs breathe slowly, deeply, skeletal muscle relaxation … In sleep, the process of assimilation prevails, thereby enhancing uptake of substances into your body in general and in particular the brain, thereby restoring and strengthening health loss was awake and at work.

Therefore, children 3 to 35 months to sleep 12-14 hours a day; 3-5 years children sleep 11-13 hours a day; children 6 to 10 years old need 10-11 hours of sleep a day.

Outdoor Activities

You should encourage your child to lots of exercise right from the early years. Advocating more rugged body, adapt to diverse environments and have good resistance. At the same time, this is also a way to learn skills, explore the world around them.

Trampoline Basketball hoop

When the child is old enough and sturdy, you can let them participate in outdoor activities to improve health and to explore the world around them. Never leave children glued to the screen laptops, smart phones or other electronic equipment, because it is not only harmful to health but also adversely affecting the eyes. If you do not allow them to participate in outdoor activities, it will impact negatively on the psychological, emotional, communication skills of children, can cause them to lose confidence, lack of flexibility, hard to get along …A number of outdoor activities that kids will love:

Living Space

Environmental factors also affect the child’s development. Living in a clean environment, fresh, proper hygiene is maintained will help your child to restrict the entry of bacteria into the body. Stimulating environment children learn (infant exposure to brain development toys, explore nature and life around …) is also a good opportunity for your child to develop wisdom.

Alongside keeping the house as clean as possible, parents should consider choosing some devices to purify the air to avoid mold and harmful bacteria from affecting on the sensitive health of children, for examples: air purifier, air conditioner…

You should also consider your indoor humidity, the ideal humidity are from 30% – 50%, so you should consider to have a Humidifier for your family in the winter to avoid health problems.


All children must be fully immunized according to the national program. This is effective preventive measures. She will put effort to develop instead of struggling with multiple disease susceptibility for immune system was too weak to cope with them. Moreover, the vaccine could protect children for diseases dangerous to life.


The love of parents and the people around is a tonic for all ages. A scientific research team at Duke University (USA) showed that the newborn baby to cuddle, caress regularly will enjoy life more optimistic as an adult. Moreover, the stroking help children eat well sleep good, big fast.

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