Do You Need a Trampoline Coach?

You finally decided to put a trampoline in your backyard for the kids, their friends, your friends and even you.

It is secured in the ground with augers, you have all the accessories and net, yet you need to know more about safety to avoid any injuries.

Become Familiar with Your Trampoline

First off, get a feel for your trampoline.  Get on it, walk around it, and notice the different tension in different areas.  You want the tautness, tightness, and stiffness.  The place with the most bounce is in the middle with the most stability.

How to Jump Example

Jump as you would jump on the floor or in the grass.  The basic jump is to bend your knees, then spring through those feet with your arms coming up and out in front of you coming up above your head with your body straight as an arrow.  You will stop bouncing if you bend too much because that will absorb all the power.  A few jump techniques are shown here.

Join a Trampoline Club

In the USA, you will find a plethora of the best trampoline clubs in every state.  To learn more about them checkout the Top 10 Trampoline Parks in the USA here. Be sure the coaches are qualified, certified, and state licensed.  Don’t forget to check if they are insured against injury and that they are accredited with the Gymnastics Association.  Try to locate a small trampoline class where you live with only about 6 people on the trampoline at a time.  You will benefit the most with fewer people.

Hanging Out for Your Turn

Find a small class to join or you will be waiting your turn for what seems forever.  Trampolining is hard physically so be sure to find a club or class close to home.

Trampoline coach

Do Not Look at the Center Cross

First off, don’t look at the cross or mark in the middle of the trampoline.  Yes, it is the best place from which to bounce, but don’t become consumed or obsessed with this spot.  When you look down, you will lose your balance because you center of gravity will be in front of your feet.  Therefore, look out at the end of or edge of the device.

Focus on Core Stability and Flexibility

Trampoline Coach

When off your trampoline, devote time stretching your feet, ankles, hamstrings, quadriceps, and lower back.  In the region of your middle, strengthen your core muscles for better strength; thus, the pike jump will be easier for you to do without injuring yourself.

Pike Jump:  Legs are straight ahead of you parallel to the trampoline mat at about 90-degrees, arms, and body bend at your waist to your toes so that you can touch your toes, then back to straight down on your feet.

Patience is a Virtue

Trampoline Coach

Patience is a quality characteristic trait to have on or off the trampoline.  After you learn to jump up and down well you will have better control for doing other moves.  All moves are essentially an addition to the basic jump to learn more about the landings such as the seat, back, and front drops.  You will learn shapes, for example the tuck, pike, straddle, and then putting that together with twists.  Have patience and don’t jump too high too soon if you are not ready for it yet.  Remember that if you jump 10-feet with a shift in balance, it will be amplified at 25-feet where you could fall, land all wrong and become injured.

Become an Expert in the Back Drop

Trampoline Coach

It is not a good idea to learn somersaults until you are an expert at back drops.  A back drop is pretty much a quarter of the somersault, yet you need to be good at it before doing the full turn that uses more power to do.  Somersaulting backwards is easier since you see where you’re going, where with a forward somersault, you won’t be able to see where your feet will land you.

Trampolining Jumping Benefits

There are a ton of benefits from jumping:  your shoulder range of motion increases with greater mobility since you put your arms straight as an arrow upwards after you bounce you accomplish.

Your core muscles strengthen for stability, balance, and you will have a tight flat tummy with a stronger lower back and abdomen.Trampoline Coach

You will sleep better increasing REM (rapid eye movement).  Better sleep helps with problem solving and learning because when jumping, you are now using motor skills you and your body are unfamiliar with yet will become automatic soon.

Your leg muscles will become stronger.  For a man, his legs will counter attack the large amount of force when they are depressed at about 12 times his bodyweight, yet without the stress on his joints from impact sports.  Women can check this out for themselves too.

Your entire body strength is improved including cardiovascular (heart) that is more beneficial than running!  The trampoline sport increases and improves your bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and all your tissue and organs.

Check for Safety at Your Trampoline Lessons

Even a professional place can have safety issues.  You want to be sure that there is padding around the trampoline edge.  Check for crash mats at each end deck.  There must also be crash mats on the floor, or ground, if the tramp is outdoors.  Observe that there are spotters—the people watching you and able and ready to catch you or help to break your fall if you fly off.  The minimum amount of people for this job should be four.

Check the Trampolining Equipment

Check the equipment and process for learning let’s say, somersaults.  The club might have harnesses attached to the ceiling (if inside), ropes and pulleys, or bungee cords attached to the ceiling.  If the club doesn’t have these, ask to see if the coach will be helping you by standing on the trampoline and turning you with a belt or his hands.

Your Weight is Not a Consideration

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It doesn’t matter if you’re light or heavy—any weight size person can trampoline for toning, strengthening muscles, core, and the entire body including cardio and circulation.  It is such a huge benefit to the body and better than sitting around all day.  Be sure to drink lots of water so you do not become dehydrated because you will sweat.

What You Will Need

Take loose clothing, removing scarves, jewelry, earring, belts, ties, and the like.  Running outfits are good or a T-shirt with leggings or shorts.  You don’t want anything baggy or too tight to hamper your moves.  Wear socks to keep your toes from catching in the trampoline or from slipping.  Never wear nylon or slick socks that will make you slip and fall.  Cotton and wool are good choices with polyester/cotton blends.  If you indeed want to wear shoes, get the trampoline soft slippers with a gripping sole that will shape to your feet for greater flexibility.  If you plan to enter competitions for your age group and ability range, you will be required to wear regulation clothes such as a leotard for women and men.


Trampoline Coach

You can be hurt or injured on backyard trampolines and the gear at clubs as well.  It is usually caused by more than one person jumping at the same time.  Join a club and learn to do it right so your risk of injury goes down.  You don’t want to hit your teeth and have broken teeth or land on your spine injuring it.  You don’t want to bounce backwards either to seriously injure yourself.  Be aware of your jumping friends to not bump into them and cause them injuries.

Final Thoughts

Get ready for fun and adventure with a trampoline!  Thanks for reading our blog and come back often.  Be a good sport and be safe always!






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