5 Fun Trampoline Games for Families

Having a trampoline at home can be a downright enjoyable idea to have fun. Playing on it or jumping up and down on the trampoline is not only beneficial to the physical health of each family member, but it can also be a simple way for family bonding. Getting the kids in physical activities on trampoline will keep them away from computer games and use of other gadgets.

5 Fun Trampoline Games for Families

There are different games and activities to do using a trampoline, and all these can be best enjoyed by the entire family.  Whether you have a medium-sized trampoline or a large one the trampoline games played with the whole family will surely give the kids a lot of fun. Here are 5 fun trampoline games that the family can enjoy:

  1. Modified Dodge Ball

Modified Dodge Ball

This is a modified version of dodge ball which is done by simply playing the game on the trampoline. The family is divided into two groups. Depending on the size of the trampoline, the ideal number of members who can play this game may range from four to six in each group. The first group to play should be on the trampoline while the other group will throw the ball on them. The aim of the throwing group is to hit all the members of jumping group one by one to get their turn on the trampoline. To avoid being hit by the ball, the playing group should jump on the trampoline.

  1. Cherry Bomb Ball

Cherry Bomb Ball

Everyone in the family can join this game. One ball is used as the cherry bomb. Like a bomb, it will explode when it touches a part of the body of the players. Each one needs to jump on the trampoline to avoid the ball. If the ball touched someone, he or she gets out of the trampoline and wait for the others to be touched by the ball as well. Families with many members may need a larger trampoline so that everyone can play altogether.

  1. Bulls eye Bounce

Bulls eye Bounce

Using a chalk, draw circles on the trampoline to form and make them look like a target. The bull’s eye circle is in the middle. A water-filled sponge is also needed, which will serve as the arrow that will hit the target. The aim of each member or player is to hit the target with the sponge by jumping three times on the trampoline.

  1. Have Fun in the Rain

Have Fun in the Rain

Kids love jumping and playing while the rain is pouring. Instead of staying inside the house, let them play in the rain once in a while on the trampoline. This can be more fun and exciting if you will incorporate some games as they jump. There are also other toys to use to maximize the activities. Aside from jumping, they can play with water balloons or hula hoops or balls.

  1. Draw on It

Draw on It

To keep them rested for a while without wasting time, another family bonding or activity that you can do with a trampoline is to draw on it. The trampoline mat can be drawn using colored chalks. Let the kids show off their hidden talent in drawing and arts. If you can join them, do so as well, and enjoy each moment with them on a cool summer day vacation. Trampoline mats are easy to clean, which means those chalk marks can be erased afterwards.

Another way to enjoy this activity is to let the kids jump on the shapes or pictures you draw. The rule is to land on the picture after a jump. It will be an easy game if they are few in numbers, but if they are many and they vary in weight, the game will be more exciting.

Playing on the trampoline can be a lot of fun for the kids and for the entire family, but they can be dangerous as well. Adult supervision is always a must, even if the kids are big enough to take care of themselves. There are other precautionary measures that you can install to ensure their safety.

There are nets and mats that you can use to keep them protected and to avoid them from falling off the trampoline mat. Aside from the net, a trampoline tent is also another accessory to have fun and enjoy the trampoline together as a family on summer days and even on rainy days.

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